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SM2558 | Discrete Analog Stereo Summing Mixer

SM2558 | Fully Featured Stereo Summing Mixer

The SM2558 redefines Out of The Box stereo summing in a sleek, 500-series compatible unit.

Equipped with API Style discrete operational amplifiers and NOS transistors, it ensures exceptional signal summing quality.

Flexible routing and a Vintage Drive offer creative mixing options, adding warmth and depth.


EQ556 Six-Band Transparent Studio Equaliser

The EQ556 employs a novel parallel filter design, allowing for an intricate sculpting of sound without introducing phase issues. This design retains the integrity of the original sound, ensuring a pure, uncolored audio experience.

At HRK, we believe in uncompromising quality. The EQ556 is built with selected high-quality components, ensuring a reliable, professional-grade performance and an enduring lifespan.

CP554 | Diode Bridge Compressor

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CP554 | Diode Bridge Compressor similar to Neve's 2254

The CP554 is a fully‐featured diode bridge compressor that delivers a relatively clean tonal response if the vintage mode is not engaged.

The use of the diode bridge circuitry as the gain reduction block will introduce some harmonics due to the operation of the diode bridge circuitry.

The CP554 uses the adaptive (specially developed by B. Hrk) HRK soft‐knee characteristic, which makes the use of the compressor easy and intuitive.

CS566 | processing studio channel strip

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CS566 | Analog Swiss-Army Tool for Your Recording Studio

Fully Featured Studio Processing Channels Strip with VCA Compressor, Console Emulator Harmonics Generator, 4 Band EQ and Custom Active Transformer Output

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Ultra-Smooth Two Band Equaliser

The EQ552 is an active two-band equaliser with four frequency settings per band.

Each Band uses a separate Discrete Operational Amplifier made with NOS Germanium military-grade transistors manufactured in the ’60s.

ST552 | Analog Tape Emulator

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Premium Tape Emulator

The ST552 is an Analog Tape Emulator dedicated to professional music producers and studio engineers.

The ST5552 accurately emulates the saturation of the Reel-to-Reel studio recorder adding colour and analog harmonics to your music production.

ST596 | Analog Harmonics Processor

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The DAW Plugin Killer!

The DAW Plugins are no match for the Hardware Harmonic Processor!

The ST596 Analog Harmonics Processor uses the custom-designed Analog Modeling discrete circuitry which produces the complex harmonics content without the usual problems associated with digital or hardware saturation.

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The CP523V is a Tube-based fully-featured optocompressor with a Class A gain make-up stage.

The CP523V has controls for Threshold, compression Ratio, Recovery time, and Output Gain.

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