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Type of Compressor Engine VCA coupled with Discrete Operational Amplifier
Compression Curve Adaptive Soft-Knee Threshold and Ratio depends on Compress Knob Setting (1)
Threshold Range -25dB / – 20dB
Ratio Range vs the Ratio Switch 2:1 – 3:1 / 4:1 – 6:1 Ratio switch changes the range of Compression ratio (2)
Attack Slow/Fast Switch 30mS/400uS The Attack Switch changes the attack time
Side Chain HPF 160Hz@6dB/oct Use the HPF Switch
Recovery Time 50mS – 2.5S
Phase Reverse No CS566 is not introducing Phase reverse in any mode of operation.
Static Noise Level -85dBu@10Hz-22kHz

1- The Compress knob controls the threshold and ratio of the compression. Turning the Compress knob toward MAX will increase compression ration and threshold.

2- The Ratio switch changes the range of the ration controlled by the Compress knob.