Looptrotter SAT 500 Series Saturator VS ST596 Saturation Processor – Comparison Page

This page compares the main features and highlights the difference between both units.

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Looptrotter SAT 500 Series Saturator and the ST596 Saturation Processor are the dedicated saturation processors designed to introduce the harmonics to the processed signal.

Although at first glance both units have similar features there some differences between them.

The first difference is in the additional Tape Emulator block which is present on the ST596 and not available in the SAT 500. The Tape Emulator feature allows adding additional saturation similar to the studio tape machine.

The next difference is in how the harmonics are applied to the DRY signal. The ST596 applies only the harmonics content without increasing the overall output level of the signal. The SAT 500 is adding some of the DRY signal along with the harmonics which changes the total output signal level.

Looptrotter SAT 500 Series Saturator VS ST596 Saturation Processor main features comparison table:



HRK ST596 Looptrotter SAT 500


Electronically Balanced Electronically Balanced


Balanced Transformer Electronically Balanced

Main Controls

Drive (Harmonics), WET, DRY Drive (Harmonics), WET, DRY

Tape Emulator

Yes – Tape Mix Knob NO Tape Emulator

Additional Features

HFC – High Frequency Cut, LFS – Low Frequency Save Hi Smooth, Low Safe

Overall Gain

0dB (max +3dB at maximum Drive) Variable, up to +12dB – depending on the Drive Setting

Polarity Reverse

No No

Level Meter

No Yes – Saturation Indicator

The Price Comparison:

Looptrotter SAT 500 Series Saturator cost is around 550USD (ex. VAT) depending on the distributor. The ST596 costs 269USD for a single unit and 499USD for an ST596 matched pair.

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