FAQ - Please read this section first.

Yes, we do provide a secured payment with SSL encrypted connection.

Our online shop is protected against malware and hacker attacks with an advanced firewall.

We monitor all incoming connections and block suspicious IPs.

We do not provide customers details to any third party.

You can request to delete your details at any time.

We aim to ship the orders within 24h after receiving the confirmed payment. If your payment is processing longer, the shipping may be delayed.

In some cases, the order may be shipped within 72h if the orders volume is higher.

We may generate the tracking number before the order is shipped, and this is normal. It means that your order is being processed, and it is in the cue.

The delivery usually takes between 3 to 15 days, depending on the location.

The delivery to the EU countries may take 3 - 5 days.

The delivery to other European countries may take 5 - 10 days.

The delivery to the USA, Canada, and the UK may take 5 - 10 days.

The worldwide delivery may take up to 30 days.

To check the order progress and the tracking details, please log in to My Account.

We deliver orders to the UK after Brexit. Due to the customs processing, the delivery may take up to 10 working days.

We do not charge the VAT. The HMRC collects the VAT. The carrier may add a fixed VAT collection fee. This fee is not related to the VAT amount.

Please don't be alarmed if the package has not moved for 2 or 3 days. This is normal and expected. The HMRC and the customs procedures cause the delay.

For the duration of the customs procedures, the package will be held in the warehouse located in Poland.

We ship all our products from Poland, EU.

If the delivery address is in the EU, you will not pay a customs fee.

If you have the EU VAT number, you will not be charged with the VAT tax at the checkout.

If you don't have the EU VAT number, the VAT tax will be charged at the checkout.

The EU VAT number is automatically checked in the VIES database.

The delivery to the EU countries takes 3 to 5 days.

We ship all products to the USA, Canada, and Australia with Airfreight Express Delivery Service.

If you are based in the USA, Canada, or Australia, you should receive your order within 10 working days.

We do not charge the VAT nor the customs fee. It would help if you referred to your local regulation regarding the customs fees.

If you see that your package is held a day or two in the UPS hub, please don't be alarmed. This is normal and expected. The customs procedures might cause the delay.

If you have purchased a product that was on pre-order, it can happen that the shipping label was created, and we are still processing the order. This is normal.

If you have placed the order that contains the products on pre-order and the products available in stock, the shipping may be postponed until the pre-ordered items are available.

If you have purchased the product which was on pre-order, it can happen that the shipping label was created, and we are still processing the order. This is normal.

We run a legitimate business, and we are obligated to state the true value of the orders.

We comply with all laws regarding selling and shipping orders internationally.

We provide all necessary documents and the official sale invoice with the package containing the items.

The EU customs office logs all orders.

Yes. We do ship to the above countries.

Please check the shipping rates at the checkout.

Yes. We do ship worldwide.

In general, we can ship to any destination on the planet.

We can't ship to the countries which are under international restrictions or heavy sanctions.

The cost of the shipping may be higher than the standard rates. Please refer to the Payment and Shipping information.

Yes, we do offer the Return Policy.

Details regarding our Return Policy are here ->


If you are contacting us regarding your order, please provide the Order Number in the Subject Line.

If you placed the order on Reverb, please use the Reverb messenger to contact us regarding your purchase.

Please DO NOT use email addresses hosted by web.de, t-online.de, yandex.com, gmx.com, gmx.net, gmx.at

The listed email service providers may block all emails from HRK Shop!

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