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7 Days Testing Period and Return Policy


We believe in fair rules and a win-win approach!

We understand that our customers may wish to return the product and we do provide such an option. However, because we are a small company we can’t afford to run a grade B outlet shop like big distributors and provide a 30 days return period.

We can’t also scrap every returned unit. We could charge our customers more to offset the cost of the returns, this is what major distributors do. Or we can keep our prices low and hope that our customers will appreciate our policy.

This is why we provide the 7 days test period and if you wish to return the item we will accept the return request, providing that the item is not damaged and we can resell the product with minimal loss for the company.

If the item is damaged during the transport we will do our best to help you and provide a replacement product.

Our return policy is a part of the general Terms & Conditions to which you have to agree by ticking the box during checkout to place the order on our online shop.

Return Policy.

Items can be returned only in undamaged conditions and without signs of use such as wear, tears, or scratches, with original packaging, including accessories, and with intact warranty seals – if applicable. The Buyer should notify the Seller within 7 days from the date when the item was received that he wishes to return the item. After 7 days from the order delivery date, the return and refund request may not be accepted. Returns will not be accepted if the product(s) was used for more than 14 days.

The Buyer is required to pay for the return shipping. The item has to be sent by the tracked delivery service. The Buyer is responsible for selecting the correct domestic or international shipping service.

The refund for the purchased item(s) will be issued after receiving the returned item(s). If the item has visible signs of use such as marks, traces, or scuffs, or is damaged in any way, the return will be not accepted and the refund will be denied. The returned item(s) will be sent back to the Buyer.

The Buyer agrees that point 7. Return Policy of Terms and Conditions supersedes any local regulations regarding return policies. By placing the order, the Buyer agrees to point 7. Return Policy of Terms and Conditions.

Custom-made products may be excluded from returns and refunds.


Please send the return request using the contact form on the Contact page.