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Please read this section before sending the email.

What is the best way to contact HRK Support?

The best way to contact HRK Support is to use the form below and write the message. Please remember, we do not reply to emails during the weekend, from Friday 4 p.m. to Monday 8 a.m. CET.

Where HRK products are made and dispatched from?

All HRK Products are built in the European Union. The shipping warehouse is in the European Union and we send all packages from the European Union location.

Where do you deliver the orders?

We ship our products worldwide to all countries that are not under international sanctions or embargo. We do not sell or deliver to Russia.

Will I receive the order confirmation and the invoice?

All order related emails, including order confirmation and shipping/tracking details, are sent automatically from the HRK Shop server. If you do not receive emails after your purchase, please check your spam inbox or ensure that your support email address is not blocked by the email server that you are using. We do provide an invoice for each order. A paper copy of the invoice is included in the package.

How long will it take to ship my order?

We aim to ship all orders within 24-48h from receiving a cleared payment. All orders are placed in the shipping cue and will be dispatched according to the purchase date.

How long does it take to deliver the package?

Depending on the destination, the delivery time may take between 3 and 14 days. We use FedEx express delivery service. The usual delivery time to the USA is 5 days, to Australia is 7 days and in the EU 3 days, from dispatch.

Why is my order marked as Completed, but the tracking number is not available?

If the order is in the shipping cue but the collection date is not set, the order will have an updated status to Completed. This means that the order will be shipped soon and a tracking number will be provided.

Why is the tracking number showing no progress in the package delivery tracking history?

On some occasions, we may create a shipping label and provide the tracking number before the package is handed to a FedEx driver. This means that the package is waiting on the cue and the tracking number will not show any progress. Such a situation may happen if you purchased the product on pre-order or if we are finishing building the units that you have purchased.

How do I pay for my order?

We use Stripe’s payment system to collect payments from credit cards. You can also pay directly to our bank account in USD, EUR, CFH and GBP. Bank transfer details will be provided at checkout. We do not use PayPal.

What import taxes and fees do I pay for orders from the United Kingdom?

You will pay VAT tax and possibly additional handling fees charged by the delivery service provider. We do not collect VAT or any additional fees.

What import taxes and fees do I pay for orders from the United States?

Orders below 800USD are not charged with import taxes. In some States, import tax or VAT tax will be charged. Please check the details about the import policy in your home State. We do not collect the import taxes or VAT.

Can you send the order without the invoice and with the lower stated price to reduce or avoid import taxes?

No! We run a legitimate business and we are obliged to state the correct value of the order for export/import purposes.

Do you provide a return Policy?

We do provide a Return Policy, which is part of our Terms & Conditions.

Do you provide Warranty for your products?

Yes. We provide a 12 month full warranty for all HRK Products available in our online shop.