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Louder Than Liftoff (LTL) CHROMA VS MPQ568C Comparison Page

Mpq568C Pro Colour Microphone Preamplifier Diyre Colour Format Fb

This page compares the main features and highlights the difference between both units.

This page should be treated as the guide for the website visitors and the FAQ section.


The LTL Chroma is the colour format preamplifier capable of holding a single colour module. It has the dedicated mic input and the line/mix input for processing the signals from DAW.

The EQ section has a simple LF +3dB and HF +4dB switch boost option. The LF section has two frequncies selection with PCB jumpers: 30Hz and 60Hz.

The Input and output are transformer coupled. The Chroma webpage does not provide the performance specification, such as the THD and Noise levels.

The LTL Chroma is all-in-one unit with abundance of features: audio transformers, discrete opamps, colour module and VU meter. The description suggests that the main purpose of the Chroma is the use for tracking and mixing, similar to the LTL Silver-Bullet

The HRK MPQ568C is the colour format preamplifier with 2 colour module slots. It has the ultra-low noise, discrete class A, electronic ballanced input, microphone preamplifier and the additional ballanced active line/mix input.

The EQ section has a HF and LF potentiometers with full boost/cut control in range of +/-15 dB per band. Each EQ band has 2 frequency settings.

The MPQ568C has a balanced electronic output and is a cost-effective colour module platform designed for professional recording applications.

The Line input with active attenuation circuit can be used for tracking and mastering. The microphone preamplifier delivers the noise performance of EIN:-129dBu at +65dB of Gain in full audio frequency range.

LTL Chroma vs MPQ568C main features comparison table:




LTL Chroma

Mic Input

Yes (Max Gain: 65dB) Yes (Max Gain: 60dB)

Line/Mix Input

Yes (Gain: -18 to +36 dB) Yes (Gain: 0 to +26/56dB)

Number of Colour Slots

2 1


Yes – Full EQ – 2 Bands / 2 freq. per Band, 15dB Boost/Cut Yes – Limited control – LF:+3dB and HF:+4dB switchable boost

Input / Output Transformers

No Yes

48V Phantom Power

Yes Yes

Polarity Reverse

Yes Yes

Level Meter

No Yes

MPQ568C Specification:


Gain Range: +12dB to +65dB

The total gain from input to output.

Gain Range: -18dB to +36dB

The gain available on the input of the colour modules section.

Top Frequency Band:
Noise Performance: Noise Performance: Boost/ Cut: +/-15dB
6kHz / 10kHz
Gain 12dB: -91dBu – noise floor Gain -20dB: -95dBu – noise floor
Gain 30dB: -86dBu – noise floor Gain +39dB: -89dBu – noise floor Low Frequency Band:
Gain 65dB: EIN -129dBu Boost/ Cut: +/-15dB
80Hz / 160Hz
Frequency Response: Frequency Response:
Gain 12dB: -0.2dB@10Hz / -0.2dB@20kHz / -2dB@62kHz Gain 0dB: -0.2dB@10Hz / -0.2dB@20kHz / -2dB@61kHz
Gain 65dB: -0.3dB@10Hz / -0.3dB@20kHz / -2dB@60kHz
THD + N: THD + N:
Gain +12dB: 0.0056% @ 1kHz Gain 0dB: 0.0084% @ 1kHz
Gain +65dB: 0.07% @ 1kHz

The Price Comparison:

The LTL Chroma is a sophisticated unit with input and output transformers and discrete opamps. Thus quite a high cost of the unit, ranging around 600USD, without included colour module.

The MPQ568C is a simple and effective design, focused on delivering key, high-performance features, such as low noise mic preamp and active line input. The cost of the MPQ568C, including 2 colour modules, is less than half-price of the single LTL Chroma unit.

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