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Louder Than Liftoff Mister Focus vs C572 PRO Saturation Processor – Comparison Page

Louder Than Liftoff Mister Focus Vs C572 Saturation Processor Scaled 1


Louder Than Liftoff Mister Focus and the C572 PRO are the 500 series Colour Processors which can be used to modify the signal with the Saturation Colour Modules. This page compares the main features and highlights the differences between products. This page should be treated as the guide for the website visitors and the FAQ section.

Louder Than Liftoff Mister Focus is a series of Colour processors predesign for the particular task such as signal saturation, EQing or compression depending on which colour modules setup is used. It seems that the main difference between the four iterations of Mr Focus Processors is based on the type and configuration of the colour modules preinstalled in the particular unit. Each type of the Mr Focus unit has a different type of front panel designed specifically for the processing task and can hold up to two colour modules.

All units have the tilt-type EQ which can be rearranged in the signal path which increases the flexibility of the processor. The frequency of the tilt EQ can be changed with the onboard jumpers. All type of units has the saturation and the blending knob.

The C572 PRO is a Parallel Saturation Processor with a total of three colour modules. The C572 PRO is not predesigned for any particular task, it has one universal version of the front panel. The first two colour modules can work in parallel blending mode with the Drive knob and the Mix knob. The third colour module is in series after two first summed colour modules.

All types of colour modules can be used in any colour slot and can be rearranged to achieve various results. The 2 Band EQ in the C572 PRO is a Smart EQ design made of two independent circuits for HF and HF and the frequencies for each band can be changed with the on-board jumpers. Two EQ bands are controlled with one knob which can boost or cut in +/-8dB range.


The C572 PRO has a set of extensive metering features including an output dual-direction LED meter and the bi-colour LED Smart Drive indicators.


Main Feature Comparison Table

LTL Mister Focus HRK C572 PRO
Number of Colour Modules 2 3
Blending DRY/WET – Colour Modules 1 2
Drive Range -6db / + 18dB 0 / +20dB
EQ Type Tilt EQ 2 Bands Smart EQ
Input Electronic Balanced Electronic Balanced
Output Electronic Balanced Electronic Balanced

The Cost Comparison

The Louder Than Liftoff Mister Focus series price starts from 419USD for the RGB version with no colour modules. The C572 procost 229USD including any free colour modules from the HRK offer.

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