TS9 Screamer Distortion

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TS9 Screamer Distortion Colour Module


  • Inspired by Famous Stomp-Box Pedal
  • Designed for Musicians and Producers
  • Produces Harmonics and Distortions
  • Delivers Great Result in Parallel Saturation Mode
  • Two Gain Modes for Drive and Distortions
  • Two Modes of LF Response
  • HF Tone Control Dial
  • Selected 4558 Chip
  • 1N914 Clipping Diodes
  • On-Board 9V Regulator
  • Low Noise Performance
  • Ideal for Live Recording and Tracking
  • Compatible with DIYRE Colour Format


The TS9  Screamer is a Distortion Colour Module inspired by famous guitar stomp-box pedal.

The TS9  Screamer uses selected NJM4558 chip and 1N914 clipping diodes.

The TS9  Screamer offers two modes of LF response. Mode 1 is reduced LF roll-off and the Mode 2 provide extended LF response useful for processing line signals.

Two gain modes, High and Low settings offer two levels of distortion useful with different music material.

The TS9  Screamer Tone control feature is similar what can be found in the guitar pedal and controls the amount of HF content.

The on-board 9V regulator mimics the battery influence on the distortions and the harmonics content.

The Cabinet Simulator Colour Module and the TS9 Screamer Colour Module is an ideal solution for live recording when used with the Colour Microphone Preamplifier.


Parallel Saturation with the C572 PRO

The TS9 Screamer Colour Module is perfect for parallel saturation processing.

The distortion effect produced by the TS9 Colour Module might be a bit too harsh. However, when blended with the DRY signal the result will quite pleasing and useful.

Vocals and instruments gain weight and the harmonics which help to cut through the mix.

The TS9 Screamer Colour Module should be used with the C572 PRO which provides hardware DRY/WET feature for two colour modules.


HRK Colour Modules – True Analogue Plugins!

Colour Modules are Hardware Analogue Plugins made with NOS Discrete Components and Valves which add pleasing harmonics and subtle saturation to the signal, delivering the sonic results of the Vintage Studio Equipment for a fraction of the Price!

Each Colour Module is different and uniquely impacts the sound. You can use the Colour Modules for Recording, Tracking and Mastering.


What benefit I will get from Colour Modules?

The modern DAW systems can produce great results, but most of the sound engineers and music producers will admit that the mix produced with DAW is missing something… some special ingredient, which is the analogue magic.

This is why the big recording studios have racks filled with vintage preamps, compressors and equalizers. The HRK Colour Modules are real Analogue Plugins which will help you to make better recording and mixes standing out from the crowd.

ALL HRK Products Are Brand New - Assembled and Fully Tested

All HRK Products are tested with the industry best audio measuring equipment

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