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What is the Colour Preamp?

What Is The Colour Preamp?


What is Colour Preamp?

The Colour Preamp is a platform for Colour Modules which provides the housing and power supply for colour module operation. Colour Preamp has a built-in microphone preamplifier which delivers the gain for the low-level signal sources such as the microphone or instrument pickup. Colour Preamps can have electronic or transformer input and can work with condenser or dynamic microphones.

Can I use the HRK Colour Modules with Colour Preamps made with other manufacturers?

YES. As long as the preamp or processor is compatible with the DIYRE Colour Format.

Can use the colour modules from other manufacturers in the HRK Colour Preamps or HRK Colour Processors?

YES. As long as the colour modules are compatible with the DIYRE Colour Format.

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