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What is the Colour Module?

What Is The Colour Module?
What Is The Colour Module?


The Colour Modules are the miniature hardware plugins that provide various tone flavours by altering or saturating the signal. Each Colour Module is different and uniquely impacts the sound. Some Colour Modules are made with NOS Discrete Components and Valves adding the harmonics to the signal, while other Colours are fully functional Equalizer or Compressor.

What benefit will I get from Colour Modules?

Modern DAW systems can produce great results. Still, most of the sound engineers and music producers will admit that the mix produced with DAW is missing something… some special ingredient, which is the analogue magic. This is why big recording studios have racks filled with vintage preamps, compressors and equalizers. The HRK Colour Modules use NOS discrete components and valves. The sonic results are very close to the vintage studio equipment for just a fraction of the price.

How can I get the best results with Colour Modules?

The idea of colour modules is to have fun and experiment with the sound. There is no bad idea. You should try different configurations of the colour modules and find the setup which suits your needs. Be creative and enjoy!

How to use the Colour Modules?

The Colour Preamps are required to use the Colour Modules. Colour Modules can be plugged into the 500 Colour Preamp or processor. The Colour Preamp provides the supply voltages and the input/output signal to the Colour Module. The Colour modules can’t be used without the Colour Preamp or Colour Processor.

How to Control the Colour Modules?

Some Colour Modules have onboard trimmers or jumpers, which allow changing some of the parameters of the colour modules. Those parameters can’t be changed from the front panel of the Colour Preamp or Processor. The Colour Preamp front panel controls allow setting the saturation and the output level from the colour module. To get easy access to the Colour Module onboard trimmers or jumpers, the 500 Extender Lead is available.

DIYRE Colour Module Format

All HRK Colour Modules are fully compatible with the DIYRE Colour Format. All DIYRE Colour Modules are fully compatible with HRK Colour Preamps and Processors.

Why do I see some level difference between the same type of Colour Modules?

HRK Colour Modules are done with New-Old-Stock components. Some of them were made a long time ago, in the ’60s or ’70s. Every electronic component has a tolerance, resistors, capacitors, transistors, valves, etc… If you see a small level difference, 1dB or 2dB, it might be caused by the tolerance of NOS components used in the Colour Modules. Some colour modules, such as passive EQ, will have a greater difference due to the tolerance of the trimmers. It is important to understand that this is normal, as long as you don’t see a major level difference or high audible distortions.

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